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What We Do

We offer quality and reliable services at an affordable price to enhance green spaces. We support veterans and offer discounts to service members and seniors. 

Lawn Care 

We offer commercial and residential services, providing the best practices for maintaining a neat and green lawn.

We are also proactive in our approach to all individual lawns and make sure small datails are not overlooked. 

Garden Care

We specialize in growing, planting, harvesting and general maintenance of your green space.

Our team is committed to excellence and share a common interest in the beauty of plant life.

Hedging & Pruning

Hedges, shrubs and bushes often give customers a unique opportunity to create privacy screen, windbreak or living “fence” along a boundary line all while enhancing your office or home’s curb appeal.

We offer full service landscaping and are committed to creating and maintaining elegant, plant filled spaces. 


Quality Affordable Lawn Care.

We are a locally owned and operated company

Tel: (323) 674-1991

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